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Dynamics 365 Human Resource Management

In Business Central, comprehensive employee records can be meticulously managed. This includes the registration and maintenance of crucial employee details such as employment contracts, confidential information, qualifications, and contact information.

Moreover, the system facilitates the tracking of employee absences, providing the capability to analyze and assess registered absences when needed.

To initiate the utilization of the Human Resources functionality, the initial step involves the setup of employees and fundamental information. Subsequently, various codes can be linked to individual employees, enabling the efficient filtration of information tailored to specific employees.

Top Features of Human Resource Management

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Employee Information Management

Business Central allows for the comprehensive management of employee information, covering essential details such as employment contracts, confidential data, qualifications, and contact information. This centralized repository streamlines HR processes and ensures data accuracy.

Absence Tracking

The system facilitates the efficient tracking and recording of employee absences. This feature enables businesses to monitor and analyze leave patterns, helping in workforce planning and resource allocation.

Employment Contracts

HR management in Business Central includes the capability to create and maintain employment contracts. This ensures that all relevant terms and conditions are documented, providing clarity for both employees and the organization.

Qualification Management

Businesses can manage and track employee qualifications within Business Central. This feature assists in ensuring that employees possess the necessary skills and certifications for their roles, aiding in compliance and skill-based resource allocation.

Confidential Information Handling

The system provides a secure environment for handling confidential employee information. This is crucial for maintaining privacy and complying with data protection regulations. Access controls and encryption may be employed to safeguard sensitive HR data.

Customizable Code Associations

Business Central allows the association of various codes with individual employees. This feature enables the customization of information filtering, making it possible to tailor data views for specific employees or groups based on organizational needs and reporting requirements.

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